Track 82 — Say You Won’t Let Go

About a week before leaving to climb Jade Mountain, a well-known Taiwan Peak, Rachel turned to me and asked if I would be angry if she didn’t go. I just smiled at her. You see, I of all people understand that my Love has absolutely zero affinity towards any prolonged amount of time spent outdoors. Yes, pools and beaches are okay; however, any vacations we have taken which included extended treks exploring castles, temples or ancient sites have ended on slightly less than amicable terms. This trek was an eleven-kilometer slow ascent up a narrow mountain trail which would peak at 3950 meters. Needless to say, I had been expecting this question for a while.

“To be honest,” I joked, “I was surprised that you agreed to go in the first place.” She grinned. I continued. “No, of course I won’t be angry. I know that you hate the thought of hiking. I won’t be upset at all.” I took a breath and kept going, “I will be honest with you though. I’ll be disappointed. I was really looking forward to reaching the summit with you.”

Rachel returned my smile and quipped, “Even if nag at you the whole way up?” I laughed quietly and nodded to her, “Yep.” And that was it. Nothing more was said. I guess my words were enough to convince her to make the ascent. And I am so glad that she did because it was breathtaking. Truly. Breathtaking.

The sheer grandeur or her stature


Her natural dichotomy

raw, rugged, peaceful, calm

constantly pulling me forwards

carrying me upwards

Her static beauty

captivating from the start

opening with each step


changes that had occurred over time


they are the reason for her majesty

 Each line and every wrinkle

a story to tell

inspiration, tragedy, hope and sorrow


The splendor of her summit

The victory of our climb

Stepping back from her

basking for a moment in her splendor

watching her shadow

flowing gently into the horizon

leading the way

A blessing

And then

Taking my eyes from her for a moment

I look to the mountains above

Rachel turns

stares back at me

with love

We begin to climb.

My life has been blessed with a partner who completes me in every way. Our ascent to the peak of Jade Mountain is yet another testament to the beauty, purity and the depth of her love. I know that she made the climb for me. To be with me. To share with me. And I am grateful for her.

In any relationship, it is important to keep climbing. To constantly reach for the vibrancy of every sunrise that lies in the distance. It is necessary to face each obstacle, witness each miracle and most importantly to just make the journey hand in hand. Together.

And that, my Love, is something that I promise to do. Forever. To continue to love you and grow with you. To do my best to complete you as you have done me. I promise, Rachel, to never let go.

Say You Won’t Let Go Youtube link:


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