Track 59 – All the Small Things

I was reading through some of my older ramblings the night before last, trying to step back into the comfortable groove of regular posting, and noticed that I didn’t just get hung up on track 59 (see track 60 – Mother, We Just Can’t Get Enough), I actually neglected to write it altogether. In an attempt to kick start myself back into blogging, I inadvertently skipped from track 58 to track 60 leaving a blank track in my playlist. (Dramatic gasp.) Heavens forbid.

The easiest solution to my dilemma would have been to simply go back, edit the track numbers and pretend that this oversight never happened. There was such a huge time lapse separating tracks 58 and 60 that I am sure no-one would have ever been the wiser. (Except my mother, of course. She sent me a request for the missing track last night. Even at 40 I am still unable to get much past her.)

But, the easiest solution is not always the best. In this case it would have erased an oversight (or possibly a subconscious attempt at avoiding my feelings of discontentment over having been so remiss with my blogging. Can you tell I was raised by psychologists?) that adds a bit more texture to my work. It also gives me something to write about!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to propose that out of sequence track numbers has turned my little project into a piece of art. My blog simply is what it is. A reflection of where I have been, where I am going and, most importantly where I am. Likewise I am not trying to sell the idea that this omission has added any astute depth or profound meaning to my work. It’s just a missing number after all. What I am trying to say is that this error gives a small fragment of insight into one of the many quirks that makes me unique and is something that shouldn’t be changed or erased.

People are people. We all share similarities and are grouped according to a myriad of factors which tend to erase our individuality. What makes us special and distinct, however, are our twists, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. (Take my carelessness for example.) For me, it’s the small things in our personalities that matter the most. Add them up and instead of just having a person you have an individual.

As for myself, I have an overwhelming amount of eccentricities which at times can make me fun and loveable but on other occasions can make me as annoying as hell. These small traits have helped me to forge friendships and unbreakable bonds but have also worked to create rifts and at times enemies. Such is life. What is important is that I have found a group of people who love me for all the small things that make me ‘me’.

All the Small things, by Blink 182, brings me back to a friend I met during my first year in Taiwan. Although we never became close, he is a person I came to admire simply because of how quirky he was and how much he seemed to embrace his individuality. He reminded me of the importance of staying true to yourself and the oddities that set you apart from the rest.

And that is track 59. It may be a little late, a little disjointed and a little bit out of whack but those are three small things that are a very big part of being me.

All The Small Things youtube link


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