Track 53 – Right Here Waiting

Thinking about my New Year’s post, I had originally intended to write about our evening out. The night would make for a good story in fact. It was filled with cards, a bit of drama, a brief entanglement with the law, eating pizza off of the street, conversation, dancing, a very early morning meal and a whole lot of bling. This eleven hour extravaganza had it all. But in the end none of it seemed to make the cut. As I sat down to write my post I became interested in something more than the hours that bordered 2012 and 2013. What became much more relevant to me was what I had done in 2012 and what I planned to do in 2013.

What did I do in 2012?

I loved my wife deeply with passion, friendship and desire.
I was loved equally as full.
I watched my little girl grow and accepted the fact that she is no longer a baby.
I was able to make my little girl understand that she will forever be ‘my baby’.
I returned to Canada to visit my family back home.
I came home to Taiwan to be with my family abroad.
I welcomed new friends and tied new bonds.
I said farewell to others, hopeful that absence won’t loosen the bonds already forged.
I rekindled friendships once thought lost to time and distance.
I kept the fires burning in friendships that time and distance couldn’t touch.
I was blessed with the purity of a newborn’s touch.
I twice felt the burn of the same promise denied.
I challenged myself and surpassed my expectations.
I challenged myself and failed to achieve.
I learned to accept my own limitations.
I learned to push past the best that I can do.
I traveled far to go nowhere new.
I traveled a few steps to visit places I had never been.
I ran; I climbed; I played like a child.
I worked for the success that I see in our school.
I basked in the successes that I see in my students.
I laughed from my belly and cried from my soul.
I got drunk with love, happiness anger and fear.
I was pissed off at few people; I pissed off a few more.
I was disappointed on a number of occasions; I was a disappointment a time or two as well.
I lied for what I thought was right; I told the truth even though I knew it was wrong.
I helped when I could and asked for help when it was needed.
I grew as a husband, a father, a friend and a man.

In 2012, what did I do?

The same thing that I plan to do in 2013 – I lived.

Although music followed us everywhere on New Year’s Eve, it wasn’t until I returned home that I heard my song of the night. As I laid on the bed scanning through New Year’s wishes from friends near and far, I was treated to a song and about a million memories. An old friend had posted Richard Marx’s classic song, Right Here Waiting, along with the words, “Music has an amazing power…just a few bars of a song I heard today brought me right back to some really awesome times with some really awesome friends…”

It is true, my friend, music has the power to bring us back. The only way to feed into that power, however, is to continue loving, laughing, and most importantly just living. Here’s to much more of that in 2013.

Right Here Waiting youtube link


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