Track 31 – Heat of the Moment

Change, whether it is perceived as good or bad, is one of the few constants in life. Time simply moves on and despite our best efforts to hold onto the present, it inevitably becomes the past. And as we sit reminiscing about days gone by we soon realize that there is no way to step back into a memory or relive the ‘glory days’ as seen in old photographs. Except, of course, when it comes to my brother.

Anyone and everyone who meets my brother (who IS older, by the way) and I for the first time poses the question, “Who is older?” We let them guess and I am usually thought to be the more aged of the two. I put it off to the fact that I am ‘follicly-challenged’ and have been since I was about twenty-five. (Curse that hairdresser who told me I would never go bald.) However, the truth of the matter is that my brother hasn’t changed much since we were young. His hair is shorter, his belly a bit bigger and his beard a bit grayer. Actually, the fact that he has a beard now might also be different. Nevertheless, he is still the same kid that I grew up with many years ago. Don’t get me wrong. He is mature when maturity is required. But if he can get away with being eighteen, he won’t hesitate in the slightest.

My bro, bless his soul, is one of the kindest, most special men I know. Please don’t take special to mean that he collects dandruff flakes and spends time talking to his toothbrush. Rather, he is special in that he has somehow maintained his ability to look at the world through children’s eyes. He sometimes speaks in a language that is all his own (Scottisms) and he manages to find the joke in just about anything that is said. Give him the chance and he will even rap his way into a conversation. The following is a clip of my brother in action.  (I still think Ali G should pay Scott royalties for stealing his material!)

Growing up with my brother was a lesson in economics. Unfortunately, I was a rather slow learner and found myself unable to keep up with his panache for making a buck. I remember having ‘garage sales’ with him. Rather than share our toys like normal children, he suggested that we buy each other’s belongings. First, he would come into my room and purchase an old book or action figure. Then, he would go back to his room and put his newly bought items on display. Finally he would show me how amazing they were and sell them back to me at an exaggerated price. I don’t think that I was foolish per se; he just had the ability to make my toys sound so darned appealing. (Ok, I was just dumb!)

Although he took advantage of a seemingly disadvantaged brother, he always had (and has) my back. There were countless times as children when he would defend me from much larger attackers. Whereas he had a knack for making a buck, I had the knack for getting pummeled by older, much larger kids. Whenever he could, my brother would step up and come to my rescue. At least he did until he found out that I was actually provoking the attacks. (What can I say? I was a little sh#t!) He has been there for me on countless occasions, and although he drives me crazy sometimes, he is and always will be my ‘little’ older brother. I wouldn’t want him any other way.

Heat of the Moment, by Asia, was the first song my brother played on his Sony Walkman. Months before his thirteenth birthday he used to talk about how he would just lay on his bed and listen to that song if and when my parents bought the walkman for him. As always, he was a man (boy) of his word and on his thirteenth birthday when his wish had come true, after the screams of excitement and hugs of appreciation, he ran to his bedroom, laid on his bed and listened to that song for the better part of an hour.

Scott is a man of many things. However, to me, most of all, he is my brother. I love ya!

Heat of the Moment youtube link


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