Track 29 – Babylon

Babylon, by David Gray, reminds me of a customer at Nepal. (It’s funny what memories my mind retains.) I remember quite vividly playing this song during a set and her going berserk. I’m talking out of control mad on the dance floor. This was quite the feat considering the slow, soulful melody of this song. However it was about a year later, when I wasn’t even playing the song, that the true connection between Babylon and this woman was made.

Nepal (The bar) – Many years ago

It was well past the hour of sobriety. Most remaining customers had long since lost the energy to thrash about the dance floor and sat in small groups deep in meaningful conversations that would likely be forgotten before they left the bar. As normal, I was perched on my stool behind the DJ booth, playing various tunes, drinking Corona and chatting with anyone who would bother with me.

I don’t remember what I was playing or with whom I was conversing on that particular night. But I do recall watching curiously as one of our regulars bounced into the bathroom. You see, customers didn’t bounce into the bathrooms at Nepal. They rushed in and rushed out. There was never a bounce. We had one communal restroom that consisted of two urinals, two stalls and a stench that you could almost taste.  You learned quite quickly to take a deep breath before you entered, do your business and get out before your gag reflex was triggered. The spring in her step therefore seemed quite contrary to the norm. My flames of curiosity were further stoked when a rather tall, rugged looking fellow bounded in about a minute later.  Could it be?

I did my best to contain myself. I lasted about two minutes. (As it turns out the cowboy lasted about four more than that.) I walked into the bathroom, heard the hinges rattling and walked out laughing. Those two jokers had found Babylon in the stalls of Nepal.  Priceless!

Babylon is defined as a place of, among various other things, great sensuality. Although the fall of Babylon occurred thousands of years ago, it is still something that people search for in the weirdest of places. I’m talking airplanes, scooters, alleyways, trees and on the roofs of buildings. And this was only by people I know. I guess it is human nature to constantly push the envelope. Adventure is what keeps us fresh, right? I’m just not convinced that there was anything fresh about the bathroom stall at Nepal. But hey, who am I to judge. Whatever keeps the bounce in your step!

Babylon youtube link


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