Track 25 – Keep Your Hands to Yourself

So, I happened upon an old picture while skimming through Facebook a few days ago. It was of four girls with whom I used to spend a fair amount of time in high school.  To this day, I remain quite close with one of those girls (now a woman); however, it wasn’t her who put the coin in my jukebox. The music was being played by the delightfully quirky girl who was taken from us far too early!

I hadn’t had any contact with this individual in years when I heard of her passing. Nevertheless, I was struck with a profound sense of sadness when I was told that she had died. Knowing who she was in high school, I could only imagine the woman that she had grown to become and the hole that she had left behind.

I am not sure how we met, but I know it was through the other three girls in the picture. Nevertheless, upon being introduced, I was instantly taken by her quirky, very unique style. She carried herself with a grace that was beyond her years. She walked with a bounce and talked with twirl. She exuded a sense of confidence that was inspiring to me.

She also introduced me to a number of songs and bands which could take up the next few tracks on my playlist. However, it is Keep your Hands to Yourself, by Georgia Satellites, that gives life to her memory. I can still see her dancing around the college residence common room in her cowboy boots, filling the air with a southern twang. It was and still is a beautiful thing.

I play this song not in mourning of the woman who has passed, but in memory of the woman who lived!

 Keep your hands to yourself youtube link


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