Track 21 – I Just Died in Your Arms; Track 22 – Bamboleo

I’m not sure how I can lead into this so I am just going to say it. I have never seen an episode of So You Think You Can Dance. (Pause for gasps of disbelief.) I have, however, seen the British version, Got To Dance, and it is a pretty good way to waste an hour. Young and old alike, the participants are all dripping with passion, drive and a hopeful gleam to be recognized as the best. The way that they are able to move individually, as pairs, or in groups is truly an art form that should be admired, enjoyed and most certainly shared.

In saying that, however, I am rarely moved by any of their performances. As I said before, I am floored with what the contestants are able to do and I often feel the emotion that they are trying to portray. Nevertheless, it is just a spectacle for me to watch and enjoy. I never feel connected to their routines.   

What moves me the most is watching two people who have never taken a dance class or choreographed a dance move glide across a dance floor in perfect unison. When you watch them, you know they aren’t counting the beats or thinking about their next move. They are simply feeling the music and allowing their combined energy push them around the dance floor. The connection that they have is so strong that you seem to be pulled into the music with them. They don’t need to flip, jump or be thrown. All they need to do is move together and anyone watching is left in awe.  

I am lucky enough to know two such couples that share this connectedness. They don’t step, they glide across the dance floor. And as you watch them dance, you know that there is nobody in the room except for them. What is even more moving is the fact that the dance they are sharing is simply an extension of their life together. They have brought texture to love and it is felt by everyone in their presence.

Today must be an auspicious day as it is both of these couples’ anniversaries.

To my parents I dedicate track 21, I Just Died in Your Arms, by Cutting Crew. Through their example I have learned how to live, love and dance with my partner. I remember watching as they danced to this song in our kitchen many years ago. I dreamed of finding someone who could move with me the way that they moved together. Theirs is love that that is pure, true and forever.

To my dear friends, the Deans, I dedicate track 22, Bamboleo, by the Gypsy Kings. I played this for them countless times at Nepal and Savannah not only because they grooved on the tune but also because they looked so good doing it. It was and still is an inspiration to see a couple so young share a bond so strong.

Live, love, laugh. And if all else fails, dance.

I Just Died in Your Arms youtube link

Bamboleo youtube link


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