Track 19 -Sweet Home Alabama

It’s funny how the world sometimes seems to be listening to you. Call it coincidence if you like; you may be right. But remember, it is perspective that turns the boredom of a rainy day into the pitter patter of tiny drums calling you out to splash and play. (Dr. Seuss?) To me, this morning, the world was listening.   

Usually I take the scooter to work. It’s quicker and a heck of a lot more fun. However, Rachel had a doctor’s appointment and asked if I could take the car. (Downtown parking is a bitch!) No problem. So, I jumped in the car and started out for work.

I turned on the radio and was greeted by Honky Tonk Woman, by the Rolling Stones. It was a beautiful morning and the twang of country rock fit well with the mood I was in. Nevertheless, I remember thinking to myself how much better Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd, would be. (I know. I know. Never satisfied with what I have.) But, as there was nothing I could do to change the music, (other than make a mental request) I decided to just sit back and enjoy my morning ride.  

I was blessed with the welcoming glow of green most of the way through the city. Eventually, however, my luck ran out and I was stopped by a ninety second red. The Stones had finished their song and the DJs had turned to today’s celebrity birthdays. Uninterested in the radio banter and facing a minute and a half wait, I did what any cell phone addict would do. I checked my email.

I noticed a message from my mother and began to read. It was about track 17. As I read her words of comfort I was ambushed by a wave of sadness. My early morning glow had suddenly been replaced with a gray gloom. And that was when the drums started pounding. The light turned green and the DJ revealed that last of today’s celebrity birthdays — Rick Springfield. And they began to play — yep, Jessie’s Girl. (See track 11)Volume up. Voice in overdrive. Sadness gone. It was a glorious coincidence. Or was it? Because the next song cued up to finish that morning set was — yep,Sweet Home Alabama. Volume maxed. Voice unintelligible. Smile from ear to ear. Coincidence? Hell, no! That was the world speaking to me!

I don’t have a particular memory attached to Sweet Home Alabama. I have about a million. Its uplifting beat has followed me throughout much of my life. It is one of those songs to which I should really know every word but I always end up mumbling my way through the lyrics. Then again, my affinity to it has nothing to do with the lyrics. It’s all about the emotion, intensity and freaking good time that I have every time I hear it.

Coincidence or something more. You decide. As for me, I choose the latter.

Sweet Home Alabama youtube link


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