Track 18 – Kiss the Rain (Chasing Amy Remix)

There is nothing more energizing and invigorating as a sun-shower. You know the kind where the sun still speaks warmly from behind huge balls of cotton as large dollops of rain splash down upon you; the kind where you don’t have that sudden rush of panic to cover your head with an umbrella. You would rather taste the raindrops as they roll down your face. That was my ride home from work this afternoon. It definitely brought some peace to the chaos of Taiwan traffic.

And as I rolled through the rhythmic pounding of the rain, the radio in my head started to play, Kiss the Rain, by Billie Meyers. (No lie.) Not the original version, but the Chasing Amy remix. At first it was the melody. Then just the monologue. And finally I found my mind fixated on the last line, “I am forever changed because of who you are and what you have meant to me.”

I lost focus of where I was (a very foolish thing to do when riding a scooter in the rain…) and began to think about how many people to whom I could attach these words. It was nothing profound or particularly insightful. Just true. I was here, riding a scooter in the pouring rain with the sun beating down on my face heading home to my gorgeous wife and wonderfully precocious child. Taiwan was not the place I saw myself settling down and planting my roots. Teaching ESL was most certainly not the intended destination of my academic career. Nevertheless, through whatever choices I had made, I was here, I was smiling and I was happy. I realized that my choices were greatly affected by the people who played and continue to play a part in my life. Good or bad, it really didn’t matter how they fit into the puzzle of my past. The point was and is that there are countless people who have helped to nudge me down one road or another on my journey towards becoming. And it is a journey of which, I am glad to say, is nowhere near finished.

And so, to the people who have given me any form of positivity, (such as the many friends and family who have sent Rachel, Siaya and I so much love and support! Thank you!) I am eternally grateful for your love, friendship, truth and teachings. I can truly say, “I am forever changed because of who you are and what you have meant to me.” And, to the people from whom I have felt scorn, betrayal, spite or anger, I am sorry for any of the same negativity I may have sent your way and I am grateful for you because you have also been an important part of shaping me into the man that I am today. Likewise, I can truly say, “I am forever changed because of who you are and what you have meant to me.”

Life, family and friends have taught me that although I am in the driver’s seat and pilot my voyage alone, there are and always will be other people who will help to show me different horizons. I just have to choose which one is right for me.

Kiss the Rain youtube link


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