Track 10 – Robin’s Song

I was playing around with my daughter the other day tossing her on the bed and covering her with blankets and covers. After the third pile up, she struggled her way from underneath the heap of bed sheets and pillows, jumped into my arms, squeezed me tightly and said, “I love you!” This, for me, was a moment of greatness.

Greatness doesn’t have a prerequisite of fame, fortune and that one in a million talent possessed by many (but certainly not all) movie stars and sports icons. The cocky arrogance that leads some (but again not all) celebrities to believe that they are better than everyone else is anything but great. Being the fastest or the best illustrates talent and commitment, but it does not necessarily equate to greatness. 

I think greatness is the act of uniting any number of people spiritually and/or emotionally in a meaningful and uplifting way. It makes sense then that everyone has the potential and the ability to be great. As long as a meaningful connection is made, it doesn’t matter if it is felt and enjoyed for a fleeting moment or it remains present for a lasting amount of time. Greatness can be achieved by anyone, anywhere in the presence of a single person or in the audience of thousands. It is something that we all can and should aspire to attain.

While in high school, I had the privilege of being a part of greatness. A very talented friend of mine wrote a play called What about me? and I was cast as the older brother in the production. We only had three shows, but the experience of being on stage and connecting with the audience remains with me to this day. The electricity that filled the room as the curtains went down on closing night seemed to stop time. It was nothing short of greatness.

I have played a little six degress of separation with track 10. Robin’s Song, by the Barstool Prophets (The original Wallflowers!) was a song that I used to listen to a lot in university; however, it actually has nothing to do with this post except for the fact that the song writer and bassist of the band composed and played all of the music for What about me?. His music had a lot to do with what we accomplished those three nights. And now I share a little of his greatness with you. 

Don’t try to be the greatest, just try to be great!

Robin’s Song youtube link


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