Track 9 – Crash Into Me

As I sit here staring at the computer screen, I find myself wondering where inspiration comes from and how I can get there. I have begun at least a dozen posts over the last two hours. Unfortunately, my mind isn’t at all in my project this evening and I find myself forcing the words from my fingertips. I don’t think that it is writer’s block that has my pinky bonded to the delete button. Actually, I know it isn’t. But that is neither here nor there, because my muse, or in this case music, just isn’t there.

 It used to be that I would hop on my motorcycle and race out to the mountains when I felt my mind overwhelmed and overworked. Nature had a way of clearing my head in an instant. My mind would get lost in the lush, green fortitude of the forests and I would simply let go of my problems. My stress would ebb from my body as quickly as the rapids rolling over the rocky riverbed. (Say that five times fast.) And that was when I had my greatest insights and inspiration.

I would roll out to a destination unknown, stop and just write. The words weren’t forced or contrived they just came. Ideas seemed to be brought with each gentle breeze that tickled my brow. I have never written as much and as deeply as I did during those first few months in Taiwan. Looking back on it now, it is a wonder that I stopped going.

Life seems to have taken me on a journey away from the tall mountain peaks where I spent my afternoon breaks writing. My family and I don’t often venture into JuDong to just sit and enjoy the majesty of nature. I think it is time to start going back more regularly.

This blog has returned me to writing, and now I think I need to reconnect my words to nature. I am very curious to see where it can go now that I have a family to enjoy it all with.

Crash into Me, by the Dave Mathews Band, was one of the songs that I would always listen to on my drives through the mountains. Although it might be a little foreboding for anyone driving on the roads of Taiwan, (It is a little chaotic!) it is one of those songs that always helped me to feel inspired. Tonight, that is what I need.

Crash into me youtube link


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