Track 3 – All the Same

A hug. It’s simple, effortless and worth more than all of the riches in the world. For me, there is no better way to start my day or end my night than with a hug (and a kiss) from the two most important people in my life. If you aren’t a hugger, it’s only because you haven’t felt the right arms around your neck or waist. And really, given the right moment or set of circumstances, those two arms could be anyone’s.

I have often wondered why hugging hasn’t become the accepted way to greet someone. Nobody is ever really welcomed with a handshake. They are sized up and judged. Is the handshake too weak, too strong, too aggressive or too limp? Of course you can make a handshake more genuine, but it will never be as personal or touching as an embrace. So, why don’t more people hug?

It’s funny to think of heads of states cuddling with each other before discussing various world issues. Nevertheless, it would certainly reduce some of the tension in the room and possibly lead to friendlier international relations if there were a mandatory round of hugs at the beginning of all political meetings. (Oh my! I think I may have unwittingly set the stage for a new porno. Be assured that that was not my intention. 🙂  )

I am privileged to be a part of a close group of friends and family that always greets each other and says good-bye with a round of hugging. Friends of friends who come to get-togethers, parties, poker games or whisky meetings are greeted the same as any other – with a hug. Many (but not all) people are initially taken aback and seem to feel uncomfortable having someone in their personal space. However, as we say good-bye for the evening hugs are given and received with open arms. Hugs feel good.

Track 3 isn’t as much about the music (although I love the song) as it is about what it represents. For anyone who doesn’t know, All the Same, by The Sick Puppies, is the theme to the Hug Campaign. If you haven’t seen the video, click on the youtube link below and give it a watch. It is very moving.

I was almost brought to tears the first time I saw the video for All the Same. The stout, elderly woman who first stopped to give Juan Mann (the man behind the Hug Campaign) a hug reminded me so much of my Grandma Betty. My grandma (rest in peace) was similar in looks and stature. Unfortunately she had only recently passed away. The way this woman walked and moved brought me back into her arms. I was so stirred because just as this woman brought light and luster to the video, so did my grandma Betty to everything and everyone she touched. She was one of the most vibrant and pure people that I have ever known and I know that if she had been walking through that mall, she would have stopped to give Juan a loving embrace too.

I’m not saying that there are times when hugs aren’t socially acceptable; I’m just suggesting that we bend society’s rules a little by hugging more regularly. You can never have too much of a good thing.

All The Same video link


10 thoughts on “Track 3 – All the Same

  1. Dude, I miss your hugs. And all the other guys’ hugs too. Special extra round of hugs for me at poker this week. Miss u guys!!!!!

  2. Here Here. Thanks for the Grandma Betty (rest in peace) memory jog. She was a uniquely special and dear lady. Of course she would have chatted to him for some time after the hug, which might have slowed down his campaign, but for a worthy cause. ☺

  3. The MOMENT I started reading the first few lines of this blog post, I was immediately brought to the photo I posted on FB of us in a (headlock) hug in your basement. Had to go search for it right away…and repost it for a warm fuzzy from me to you :o)

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