Track 1 – You Gotta Be

You Gotta Be may seem odd as a first track; however, it is a heck of a catchy tune, it actually sends a pretty good message and, most importantly, it has a very deep and emotional meaning for my wife, Rachel, and I.

Let me start with this: it’s important to continue to push your own boundaries and accept no limitations. I think that in today’s world of i-pads, internet and satellite TVs, we find ourselves putting our feet down and settling into an easy groove. Work, kids and bills act as blinders preventing us from seeing the world that is around us. We often neglect or take for granted the beauty that at one time lit up our skies and filled our eyes with light, laughter and happiness. Remember,

the best part (of life)  is danger staring you in the face.

You can’t feel this by working a nine to five job, coming home, feeding the kids and watching who becomes America’s next top model. You need to come home and make forts with your children and dance with your spouses. Life is to short to spend any amount of time worrying about who will be the next character to die off on Grey’s Anatomy.We need to start thinking about how we got to this point in our lives and how we can move beyond it.

The first time I heard You Gotta Be, I was DJing at Nepal, an expat  bar in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I played it a few times at the end of an evening to clear out the bar, but it wasn’t until I started pursuing my wife that I started to think about what Des’ree was saying. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t being philosophical in the least as I tried to convince Rachel to go out on a date with me. I wasn’t thinking about the value of Des’ree’s words at all. Nevertheless, destiny, fate, or whatever else you believe in led us to each other’s arms and this was the song that moved our bodies and ignited our souls.

Allow me to share my memory with you:

Nepal (the local expat bar in Hsinchu, Taiwan, where I used to DJ, not the country). Closing time. The sun had come up an hour earlier.The last two stragglers put on their sunglasses and walk out the door. Rachel locks up and comes back to the small DJ booth where I had spent the evening spinning tunes ghetto style — two DVD players and a tuner. She sits quietly on the stool beside me and we talk for a time about nothing in particular but everything in general. I reach over and stroke her hand. A year of pining after this Taiwanese beauty has brought me to this moment. A moment which we share night after night. Without taking my eyes off of her, I instinctively reach back and grab our CD, put it in the DVD player and press play. I pull her from the booth. She hesitates. Our beginning was never easy but she always succumbs to my pleading eyes. We step onto the small dance floor and embrace. My heart literally skips a beat as it does every time she presses her body next to mine. The music has already begun and our bodies begin to sway to the rhythm. The tender crooning of our serenade echoes the gentle murmur of sensual excitement that is building. Our hands never lose contact  and she follows my every move before I even make it. We are connected in every way and remain so until the last note of the album fades.

“Listen as the day unfolds,

Challenge what the future holds,

Try and keep your head up to the sky…

All I know is love will save the day!”

Push yourselves in whatever you do. Life is too short to allow any groove to become a rut. Challenge yourself and you will always see your grass as the greenest.

To my love, Rachel. Forever plus 72.

You Gotta Be youtube link


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