Memories, Insights and a Kickass Playlist

For years I have thought about trying to write a book. I have had ideas, false starts, notes but alas, no book. Time, despite my best efforts to slow it down, seems to plod on at an ever increasing rate and I have nothing to show for it. Ok, that is not actually true. I have a gorgeous, loving wife, a precocious daughter, a small ESL school and an uncountable amount of memories to look back upon. In point of fact, I have everything…except a book.

And then, as I was scrolling through my Facebook updates, I clicked on the first entry of my ‘little sis’s’ second blog, “Faces of Joy.” Natalie’s words gave me the push and inspiration to write my own 365 day blog. What better way to get back into the habit of writing something other than grammar exercises and quizzes than to write a blog. And who knows, maybe after completing my goal of writing one update every day for a year, I might actually find it in me to write that book.

I turn 40 this year (I still can’t quite wrap my brain around that one) and I felt the need to write about something that has had an impact on me throughout my life. I was on my way to the gym thinking about what I could write about and the answer came to me through the heavy bass echoing in my ears. Music. I can turn on the radio and hear a song that I hadn’t heard since high school and my mind will be clouded by vivid memories of people or experiences. Two or three beats of a familiar tune can either put a smile on my face or sometimes even dampen my mood.

And so, this is my mission. Every day I will choose a song that has some meaning to me and I will share it with whomever wants to read my ramblings. I have decided not to go in any particular order. Rather, I will jump around in time and space and share the music that has become the soundtrack to my life thus far. Hopefully, after the year is up, I will have an even better understanding of who I am. If nothing else, I should have a kickass playlist for a road trip.


2 thoughts on “Memories, Insights and a Kickass Playlist

  1. This, my friend, is a KICKASS idea, not that I am surprised since you are a KICKASS person! I am super excited to read on :o) xo

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